Providence has blessed our land on the southwest slopes of Saint-Emilion with ideal terroir, climate and soils for producing some of the world's finest Merlot and Cabernet Franc grapes. Set upon the region's celebrated limestone plateau, Château Fonplégade is adjacent to several legendary wine estates.
Our 45.5 acre vineyard is a tapestry of terroirs, divided into 27 individual parcels. The natural drainage of our limestone and clay soils promotes water stress in the vines, which builds character and complexity in the grapes. The average age of our vines is 30 years old, with our oldest dating back 75 years. Because we passionately believe that maintaining an intimate relationship with the vines helps us create exceptionally harmonious and balanced wines, we farm our vineyard entirely by hand. We undertake this meticulous process not block by block or row by row, but vine by vine.
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